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Buffalo Springfield had it right - There is something happening here. The arc of history is bending...

The GOP Implodes & Jeff celebrates Ornette Coleman because the saxophone is the sound of angel's wings

American intelligence. Jenners, Duggars, Cheaters. Politics, Money, Sex. That about covers it for this week.

From Jeb to Ted to the NFL and Amtrak, cheating takes center stage and wears us out...

Rude returns! To talk satire, imagery, and junk. Also... Steve Martin?

The Cheater is going to Spain, but first must dig through the turds of political loons and police violence. Enjoy!

The Week's Cheats, a game called "Hey Indiana," comedy commentary, and we stand on the shoulders of idiots. 

The Cheater talks SAE Fraternity, AP History, & using humor to defeat stereotypes and terrorists with Ahmed Ahmed

The Cheater figures out how to fix everything at once. Hint: Mash-ups

The Cheater talks about how the Charlie Hebdo attack affected him and satire. Also, there are jokes

Cheater and the Rude
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